Tubing, Drinking and impending darkness

This post isn’t quite how not to travel. As if i had the choice I would do it all again exactly the same way!

Tubing in Vang Vieng is a highlight for many backpackers who go to Laos! It’s a day full of mud, drinking, drinking games, not stop laughter and drinking !


The idea is simple you get on a tube and float down a river, when you come to the first bar they throw you a rope out and pull you in!

Now a days there are only ever 2-3 bars open on the river at one time because  in the past it used to be chaos apparently with 20+ bars open, and people ended up dying!

I didn’t know anyone in any of my photos, just met people on the day and started drinking! We were shotgunning beers, having bath tub whisky free poured down our throats! People started getting tipsy pretty quick!

aaa laos

Sunglasses were the first causality of the day, into the drink they went, never to be seen again. But I was already on my 10th pair of genuine fake ray bans by now so no big loss!

As people got more drunk, more belongings went for a swim, many peoples phones/ wallets/ purses etc, the girls in the purple and black bikinis even had waterproof bags… if only they closed the top of it all their stuff wouldn’t of been ruined! Who needs brand new iphones when travelling anyway!

We’re at the last bar, and we were having such a good time we didn’t even realise pretty much everyone had got on their tubes and left!

It was just starting to go dark as we got back on the water. As you can imagine this isn’t a very well lit river. Within minutes we couldn’t even see 2 meters in front of us. But with drink in hand we continued in complete darkness.

Some people started to get a little worried, we floated for at least another 30 minutes in blackness, the laughter slowed down a little.

2 of the people left the group and decided to pull to the side of the river and figure a way back that way. The rest of us continued, we all got off a when we saw what looked like civilization. except 2 people, the river was moving that fast by now they were unable to get over to the the side in time and their journey continued.

A local shouted to them ‘WATERFALL’. just as they floated off into the darkness.

Now it’s only a small town with most people staying between a few hostels… but i genuinely never saw them again… I’m sure they were fine.

The real suffering for me came the next day… stayed tuned















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