The Infamous Chinese Tourist

Koh Phi Phi! One of my favourite places to visit on my travels! So nice I did it twice.

It has the lot for young backpackers. Beautiful views, boat trips/party’s, normally awesome weather and lots of drinking!

Something you can always expect when travelling to some of the best destinations in the world are large groups of Chinese tourists. Phi Phi was no exception!

After being on the Island for a couple of days I decided to take a boat trip. The boat had around 40 passengers, half of whom were Chinese tourists.

The boat trip itself was amazing, stops included blue lagoon, monkey beach and the famous Maya Bay where they filmed Leo’s ‘The Beach’ as seen below


During the trip we had a couple of chances to go snorkeling! Almost all the passengers had gotten in to see what sea creatures they could find.

The men who ran the boat were locals and they had two different sets of rules!

One set for the Chinese tourists and one set for everybody else. Now I know you are probably thinking the same thing as me! That is rather Racist!

All the Chinese on the boat had to put life vests on and wait till everyone else was in the water before they could go in. Then when it neared the time for us to get back on the boat the man shouted ‘All the Chinese need to get back on the boat now, everyone else you can stay in a bit longer!’

Once we re-entered the vessel, a few of us were discussing the issue and all had the same opinion! It was only when we neared shore and the leader of this gaggle of Chinese was doing a head count he realised he was one short….

There was a mass panic between a few people from their tour group and the men running the boat! Everyone else was very confused to what was going on.

It turns out that one of the Chinese tourists was left bobbing up and down in the sea!

He swam off blissfully unaware that the boat was leaving! And he was never seen again…

Only joking! They quickly radioed through to another boat who went on a search for this lone ranger!

We were told that he was found and a little shook up!

The moral of the story is.. Make special measures when Chinese Tourists are about!


phi phi


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