Eenie Meenie Miney.. Ooo Noo

After a brief stopover in Bangkok, I arrived in Bali.

It was late when I arrived. It seemed a never ending day after the joys of an Air Asia flight full of delays, turbulence and incompetence.

But I was happy to get there, I walked through to the baggage carousel and lots of bags had already been pulled off the conveyor and put to the side(not really sure why they do that)

I picked up my Berghaus backpack and got bombarded with offers of a taxi before settling on a nice guy who took up me to Sanur for a reasonable price! I think around 120,000rp.

I arrived at the guesthouse around 11:30pm and I was ready for bed, I go into my bag to get some shower gel and what do I see…

indo hate

The words ‘WHAT THE F**K IS THIS’ burst out of my mouth as I’m blinded by the florescent orange.

I pull the hat out and see half a bag of rice underneath the hat that scattered all over the room floor as I pulled it out. FFS!

I quickly realised this was not my bag!

A sense of panic drops in! Where the F is my bag! Judging by the nasty smell coming out of this guys bag I could tell he was a seasoned Vet traveller! But there were no name/address labels on his bag (or mine)

I find a dive book in his bag!  There was an emergency contact number in it, which turned out to be his mate back in Scotland.

I dropped him a text asking how I could get in contact with the owner of the bag.

His response was ‘aaa well no one really knows where Murray is, he often goes off radar for weeks at a time’

So after that helpful bit of knowledge he gave us his number. I tried to call and whatsapp him. to no avail!

With the time now 00:30 I decide to take the bag back to the airport and see if he left mine there.

I walk into the airport and go to where all the lost luggage was and there I see my identical 65L beauty looking right back at me.

Whilst in the airport Murray ( the guy who’s the bag it was) messaged just saying… ‘aa I thought it would turn up, just leave it at the airport, I will get it another day’

Woww I couldn’t quite believe how relaxed he was about the whole situation! Compared to me who was losing it!

Made me definitely realise I needed to relax more but also if i’d lost that hat I wouldn’t be in a rush to get it back either!

With backpack in hand, I journeyed on..

PS. Yes this whole thing was my fault!



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