Well I’ve never driven one before but how hard could it be..

Bali is one of everyone’s favourite travel destinations and it certainly is one of mine!!

The smell of incense in the air, a cooked egg on top of every meal you order and of course the beaches.

Uluwatu is one of the best Balinese towns! Known for Surfing, Sea Temples and Australians!


After the first 2 hours there I quickly realised a mode of transportation is a must! So the 2 options are; get in the Mafia run taxi service.. Which is actually a lot more friendly than it sounds, or hire a scooter! I did the latter!

They don’t exactly give you an intro for how to use the bike, but after sitting on the scooter for 10 minutes wondering how to turn the ignition on I was burning rubber!


Everything was going great, settled into scooter life pretty well!

I pulled into a car park, I slowed right down and put the steering on full lock as I walked the bike forward.

The bike jolted forward and instead of hitting the breaks I accidentally gave it more throttle. I flew forward, all of a sudden I was driving up the back of  a brand new black people carrier.

I fell backwards and the scooter slammed on the floor. Red paint from the scooter scarred the back of the people carrier.

I look up and there was about 10 local guys staring at me in disbelief. All the vehicles parked were theirs including the car I had crashed into!

He came rushing over as I rise up from the floor… That’s when I realised.. I f**ked up!

Expecting a barrage of abuse, I started to apologise to the guy!

It pretty much sums up Bali how nice the guy was! He said he didn’t want any money from me to pay for the damages!!

Obviously I insisted I gave him some money! It was only around £20 I gave the guy but he seemed happy and I was on my way again… Rossi eat your heart out


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