The Indignity of Stupidity!


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This was definitely not one of my finest moments of my travelling career.

The first destination was Dubai! I know not your typical backpacker destination, however my Sister lives there so it was free accommodation in an awesome city!

I had an amazing time there with my then Girlfriend Melissa. We went for brunch at the Atlantis, beers on the beach, a nice little ‘holiday’ before the real travelling begun.


When it was time to leave we had to get a bus to Abu Dhabi for the flight we were getting to Bangkok. The bus took around an hour and when we arrived at the airport we were pumped to get to our next destination!

We went to the check in desk for Etihad and both handed over our Passports, the women takes a moment and then asks for her colleague to come over and seems a little confused.

At this point I looked up my email for the flight to double check it…

Once I saw the email I instantly started sweating but had to keep my emotions in check. I didn’t tell Melissa what I had done and just stood there very sheepish.

That’s when the Manager came over and told us what I already knew. We were a whole day late for the flight!!!!

I had looked at the date on the email as the arrival date in Bangkok :O :O

Melissa turned to me obviously very confused and I had to come clean on what had happened!

We asked if we could go on the next flight and they wanted another £600 for the both of us!! What a nightmare!! So I started madly searching Skyscanner for a cheaper flight, Melissa was thankfully very calm but I’m sure inside she wanted to choke the life out of me!

The cheapest flights were from Dubai the next day so we embarked on a very sad bus journey back to Dubai, I definitely felt like an absolute moron.

I tried to make it up to Melissa by the only way I know how to make a girl happy, I ordered food!!

I ordered McDonalds on Uber eats and I was swiftly removed from being in charge of all future bookings of flights, hotels and anything else important!

At the time we were supposed to be on our original flight we were enjoying a beautiful meal at Asia Asia in Pier7.

Little did i know it turned out to me the most expensive Spring Roll and Noodles I’ve ever eaten in my life!!!

Aaaaa well everyone makes mistakes right what else could possibly go wrong ??


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